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Privacy Policy

Consumer Privacy Statement

Dovel Insurance appreciates the trust you place in us and we consider it our top priority to protect the privacy of our customers. We do collect personal information, as required by the companies we represent, for the procurement of insurance. Dovel Insurance pledges to maintain the confidentiality of such information and we do not sell or share this information about you to others.

Privacy and Security

We have strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard the privacy and security of personal
information. Personal information, including the data contained in our computers is protected from unauthorized access. Its use is restricted to employees and others having a direct business need for the information.

Types and use of Personal Information Collected

The personal information we collect is used to provide and service insurance products. This information varies depending upon whether a person is our insured or a prospective insured, and the particular insurance product purchased or being considered. Examples of personal information we may collect from and about individuals includes: Name, address, Phone numbers, date of birth, social security number, health, financial, credit, driving and insurance history. This information may be obtained from an application or claim form, or it may be acquired from other sources, such as medical forms or reports and credit reporting agencies.
We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as permitted or required by law. When we make this type of disclosure, it is done to service your account or policy, or to inform you of products or services. We may share any or all information we have collect about you to companies that perform services on your account or policy, such as, information about all insurance policies, claims and premiums.

Safeguarding Medical Information

Dovel Insurance obtains medical information only in connection with specific products or claims. We will not use or share personally identifiable medical information for any purpose other than the underwriting or administration of your policy, claim or account, or as otherwise disclosed to you when the information is collected.

Independent Agents

Dovel Insurance is an independent agency and not an employee of any company we represent. As such, we are not responsible for or subject to the privacy policy established by each company and not responsible for the use of information provided to them. The privacy policy of each company may be obtained from them directly.


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