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What Is the Difference Between a Captive Agent or Independent or Agent?

The Captive agent is an insurance representative that only represents one insurance company. They are familiar with that insurance company’s products or offerings, but can not speak towards other insurance company policies, pricing or product offerings. An Independent or non-captive agent may deal with several insurance companies on your behalf. They will have access to more than one insurance company and must be familiar with the range of products offered from the various companies they represent.

Choosing Insurance Based on Your Current Life-Stage

The insurance you need will vary depending on where you are at in your life, what kind of assets you have, and what your long term goals and responsibilities are. That’s why it is important to take the time to discuss what you want out of insurance with your agent.

What does an insurance company do?

The Insurance Company writes the contract that makes up your policy and coverage options. You should be aware of the Financial ratings of a Company as well as what they do with their profits. A mutual insurance company is a company owned entirely by its policyholders (insureds) Any profits earned by a mutual insurance company are either retained within the company or rebated to policyholders in the form of dividend distributions or reduced future premiums. In contrast, a stock insurance company owned by investors who have purchased company stock; any profits generated by a stock insurance company are distributed to the investors without necessarily benefiting the policyholders.

What kind of policies do you offer?

We offer Personal Insurance such as Home and Automobile and Recreational items like boats and snowmobiles. We offer Business policies for small and large businesses. Home Auto Watercraft Motorcycle ATV Snowmobile Commercial Vehicles Professional Liability Directors and Officers Coverage Workers Compensation Surety Bonds Contract Bonds Umbrella policies for both personal and Commercial. We offer Life Insurance We DO NOT OFFER HEALTH INSURANCE

How do I know I’m in the best policy? 

To be sure you have the best coverage for your needs the most important thing you can do is spend the time to allow your agent to perform an annual review also stay close to your agent and allow them to really know you - they only have your best interest in mind.

Why is it important to have all of my policies with one company?

The main reason it is important to keep your insurance under one agency if possible is so that any Gaps in coverage can be more easily discovered, your agent will want to follow a procedure called a checklist or a review and if information is missing this doesn’t allow them to give you the advice, also if you are able to combine for instance the auto and home with one company your premium will usually be lower and sometimes you get better treatment in the event of a claim.

If something happens where I need to use my insurance, how do you help me?

We will be here to call the 800 numbers for you - although we do not have a claims adjuster here in our office we are representatives of the Company and will be happy to help speed up a claim or be your local contact person if the claims office is out of town. We also follow up with a survey after a claim.

If I have a DUI or need an SR22 can you still help me?

On a case by case basis we still may be able to help you during the rehabilitation time please contact us.

I don’t know what kind of policy I need. How do I find out?

Schedule a Consultation! At Dovel Insurance, we feel the best way to help you is to meet face to face, please send us an email or give us a call to set up a time convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you! Schedule a Consultation

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